Request reviews for your entire Amazon store in 1-click

Allows to request reviews for individual orders, keep track of reviews requested and send requests for the whole store easily

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Automate your review-requesting chore

Automoate the task of requesting reviews from sastisfied customers with the "Entire Store" and "Entire Page" buttons. All requests sent in a single click!

Request reviews infinitely faster

Adds the "Request a Review" button to every order on the "Orders" page in Amazon Seller Central so you can submit requests all from the same page, without going into each order's detail page.

Get a quick overview of your orders

On top of the "Orders" page, see exactly how many orders are pending a review to be requested.

We're everywhere!

Extension supports 4 Amazon regions (North America, European Union, Japan, Australia) with all marketplaces.

Verified by Amazon

Amazon-verified that this extension doesn't violate Selling Policies or Seller Code of Conduct. Check out proof below!

100% Free

As Amazon sellers, we understand the value of getting more reviews efficiently. Check out the FAQ to see why how come it's FREE.

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Does Amazon allow this kind of extension?

Yes! We've checked with Amazon before development began to make sure we meet their criteria and not violate any Selling Policies or the Seller Code of Conduct. You're in the clear 😎

Is my data shared with any third-party service?

Not at all. Information security is paramount to us, and no information leaves your window on Chrome. All requests are made directly to Amazon's servers.

How come it's FREE?

The extension runs locally in your browser's memory. It doesn't depend on any server, so it only costs development time in essence 🤷🏼‍♂️. As long as it runs in your browser only, we won't charge for it.